At our November 2015 Art Guild meeting Carol Bass and Susan Roberts presented guild members  with the challenge of composing a short poem inspired by the photograph above.  Who knew we have so many undiscovered poets in our midst?!  Below are their creations for you to enjoy.

Come fly with me
to yon golden orb.
Nestle with me in the rosy core
Gold dust we'll scatter.

The cloud sulphurs crowd the yellow hibiscus
Pushed by the faint light;
Not perfume not pollen nor the draw of the hidden greenery.
Just light
Just light.

neon and fluorescent
what is nature's
and what is
why does it matter so much.
all is given.

A yellow hue
So glorious
with a heart so red.
bewitched by the same.
Enjoy!  Enjoy!

Yellow upon yellow
Wings upon petals
Heart of my heart.

perched on the scarlet abyss
urged on from above --
wings akimbo, whispering 

softly she sleeps on a fragrant bed of petals
her wings folded in a heart filled with peace and love.
quietly he comes to awaken her to the soft morning light
and a day filled with wonder and expectation.

Who is in charge of nature's palette?

Pas de deux
of sulphurs two....
Verte et jeune
dance at noon.

clear the runway

Powerful sunshine
reaches deep into my soul
Bursting with beauty.

My anxious heart pounds as you approach
So similar, yet so different
I feel relaxed as I near you
So strange, but so familiar
You draw me in.

Come friend --
let's feed under the raspberry tree.
The lemon linen will welcome our company.

Yellow on yellow
Can we share
a moment of color?

Some say opposites attract.
Others, birds of a feather....
Yellow is the happiest color
Calling living things together.

Pas de sept
dance of seven
with 2 and 5
Oh, take flight!

Yellow curls
crimson bursting forth
sulphurs hovering
frilly edges
bright emergence.

Heart Eyes
Morning feast of yellow
September yellow
lace-edged beauty
What a sight!
No deer last night!

Yellow heart's desire
Love at 1st bloom.

Lemon chiffon
delicate attraction
soft elephant ears of hibiscus blossom
loving dark depth
no end in sight
welcoming heart home.

2 yellow sulphurs
on a yellow hibiscus.

yellow, sunshine oh so lovely and bright
so very sad you'll only be here till night.
Enjoy the moment - here and now,
taste the sweetness
sense the beauty
oh so fleeting --
would that I could store the moment.